Friday, October 26, 2012

Favoring a brand? Tried CND yet?!

Never caught myself "favoring" a brand but apparently I do. Today I went to my local supplier to browse with my sister before she had to work... man oh man this was a trap! We were checking out OPI & Essie's new colors out and oldies we wanted. Whatevs right? Yeah all was well till we found the mark down stickers! I was reading the OPI bottles names, they are genius, when "Mim" says "Mel I found your fav brand!!". Of  course I sprint over to the next aisle. Ahhh CND products I was lusting for!! Last year CND came out with a 2011 fall/winter set but the 3PC set was tough to swallow at the time so I never got it. It went on sale earlier this year but I was still "eh no I can buy so many items for that amount.", again I passed up on it. Now I am thrilled I stood my ground I now own The Look set by CND and it cost me a whole $7.25! Ahh you can't say that was not a steal. I never thought I'd own this awesome set....ever. This set comes with Sheer 24K Sparkle Effect, Midnight Sapphire, and Dark Amethyst! Just beautiful. I also snagged Pink Wishes by CND it came with Pink Wishes polish and Pink Wishes Pearl Effect. I'm nearly out of nude colors so I grabbed CND's Buff and Cheeky! Lastly I got me a big bottle of CHI Australian Oil, I have puffy coarse hair and oils help tame it. I'm ridiculously excited over this mini haul as you can tell :) eek onwards to some designs soon but here are some pics of my lovely buy for now.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sally Hansen Polar Bare & Nabi

So sheer this fluid bare white I had to do 4 coats. I love at least two accents so I took my Nabi 60 gold glitter and got this!! Application was easy but layer drying time is longer than I'm use to. But still living this look.

Icing After Party

Glitter/confetti polishes are either loved or hated, I for one love them! After Party in two coats over Sally Hansens Café Au Lait (sigh) sophisticated fun in a bottle these two!

Claire's & Icings finds

Since I started blogging more I've been obsessed with diff types of glitter polishes. Good glitter is especiy a must own. I grabbed two from Claire's glitter polishes in clear base, oh man pure love. In Icings I found a 4 pk hello kitty glitter jelly set marked down to $5, own! Well here are my finds... Once my school load clears I promise more Nailart and swatches!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walgreens haul

I found Nabi polishes!! Scored four bottles of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure for $1.99 each.. Yay! My two Nabi were 2 for $7, one bottle a quarter of the polish was used but I didn't notice till I left. I made this run on my thirty minutes lunch break so it was quick. I'm loving everything I got today! Nabi's 60 Gold Glitter reminds me of awesome fairy dust. It is scented and the ones I got do smell like watermelon. Pretty neat if you ask me.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Haul Friday is what's happening today!

So I've saved all my coupons, marked down sales for each store near me, and gathered my giftcards. I'm going to get my first Butter London today and grab a few collections for myself. Last night I missed the release for Deborah Lippmann polishes on HSN. At the office job now but yet I can't focus. Also Zoya's ornate collection keeps tempting me so if my internet access isn't blocked I shall be planning out ownership on some new beauties! My Giveaway ends today can't wait to mail out the polishes to the winner. :) have a productive Friday, I will try!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nyx Karnak (my perfect nude)

I love this nude, debating on what art I want. If no art maybe some glitter? Hmm it's such a pretty nude. Two coats its a bit sheer but looks good on my tan skin not draining. Nyx polish is hard to find in stores. I actually got this at an outlet. Five bottles of NYX for $5! One bottle I got 3 uses then dropped it on accident and it broke. This is actually my last Nyx bottle :(... I hope to get more soon.

Misbehaving polish?

Rarely but it does happen I have polishes that harden or get chunky/clumpy. Well a striper "went bad" before I could even use it! I scraped out clumps (the more chunks removed it will be easier to clean with less acetone to waste). I scraped out the big clumps with a plastic cuticle pushing stick and a dotting tool. In went the acetone, I shook it for a while then poured out the excess. I cleaned the metal ball on a cotton ball. I didn't clean it thoroughly but enough to keep this striper brush and bottle around to use and reclean for other colors I like.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Revlon Colorstay in Bonsai

Beautiful green that givea off a near metallic smooth finish. After three fingers the application got a bit clumpy. I just fixe the lumps on the second coat no biggie. I am loving the wider square brushes that come in these bottles.

First pic is one coat. Second is two coats no top.

Pure Ice fall (to me) trendy colors

I'm obsessing over mauves, wine like colors, and seeking a fabulous burgundy! Today I got Scandalous, Absolutely Marvelous, & Envy. Pure Ice polishes dry pretty quick, goes on smooth, and shiny. I did a swatch. The take off was easy, one good swipe. I want more polishes by this brand.

Monday, October 15, 2012

OPI mini haul

Today I grabbed a DS Opulence bottle, Skyfall, and SoSo Skullicious! Swatch party tomorrow :)....

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lollipop from Urban Outfitters

This light formula is a creme pink base with tons of round glitters. The formula looked clumpy on the brush but went on easily. I think it looka clumpy only because these glitters aren't settled, a plus! My nails look so fun now! (sigh) I want to try an indie polish now!!

*ring finger & pinky have only one coat.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gel full set

Three clients today it was great. Everyone's nails came out well. I took a picture of the birthday girl I worked on today. She was ecstatic. I did a full gel set using Gelish products with clear tips. The polish I used was Spoiled & Brash stripers. For the leopard print I used a dotting tool for the entire design. The client chose the colors and design.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Essie manicure

Essie Power Clutch is my dark gray love!! I'm feeling polka dots so bad.. I want to lay on some dots over this! Keeping it an all Essie manicure.

Zoya Zang Toi swatches

Today I had time to swatch Julie and GieGie. These are fabulous, they have a pearl like finish. I don't top coat when I swatch. The shimmer in these colors do collect a bit a light shake before you paint will do. The application was easy  each layer dried well, the smell didn't diff from other lacquers. Take off was different my fingers have shimmery residue. So much that my husband thought I played with his pearl mix for his car paints!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sephora Traffic Stopper Copper top coat

I love this jewel top coat! It has copper hex and small round glitters in a clear polish. Formula is fast drying and easy to apply. No clumping! A few ladies were around me at Sephora's Nail Bar ..... So many ooooooOoos over this. Love it!