Monday, April 29, 2013

OPI the Bond Girls liquid sand

Swatched! Today I was able to swatch these awesome liquid sands and man so worth the $$. My thumb to pinky is Jinx, Tiffany case, honey Ryder, pussy galore, and solitaire. The application was easy fast drying and I only did two coats.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be a bombshell is adorable. I really like this pin-up focused line... reminds me of The Balm. I got this gloss in my IPSY, I forget what month, and so far I like it. I cant say love. It is brighter in the tube but goes all almost jelly like but a darker tint not bright at all. Its consistency is thick and semi-sticky. Two kiss offs (on napkin and thick paper) and the color is faint. There is no taste nor smell. The Bare Minerals Moxie in Dare Devil is glossy too. It has what looks like shimmers but none appears but a nice shine. I love Moxies. This brand makes your lips tingly, I love that, the color is mauvish and really compliments tan complexions. The mauve tint stays a while and its not thick or sticky when applied. I am a repeat buyer of Moxies this color just adds to my gloss collection!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sation Nail Lacquer for IPSY

This polish is definitely on the sheer side. My index finger has 3 coats, middle has 2 coats, and last two fingers have a coat each. It dries with a glossy finish but first coat is almost jelly-like. I have to say though I love the formula. It dries even and there are no bubbles! You could use this pink with French manicures using one to two coats. All in all good product, I would buy this. The three coats though can almost say it's almost Nicki Minaj worthy.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Little Pony Polish from Hot Topic

This set was released at Hot Topic in late 2012. One bottle retailed for $7.50 each. I was lucky enough to get all 4 bottles. These colors are opaque after two coats and dry to a semi gloss finish. The "white" is iridescent, I will swatch with undies next time. All in all I'm happy with the polishes in quality, and quantity.

Polish Haul (My Little Pony & Illamasqua)

Today was awesome! I grabbed two Illamasqua polishes, Scorch & Vice, I want Muse next! Stopped by Hot Topic and ran to the My Little Pony section... it was buy one get one half off so I bought the 4 polishes they released. I've used Illamasqua before but cant wait to try this white/Scorch. Vice is a wine vampy color, I love it. The MLP set has an iridescent white/shimmer, purple, bright blue, and bringt pink. The MLP set did not indicate names though. I want to swatch them all!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rosary nailart

I've been dying to wear this manicure. Black and white are classics, bold and eye catching. I laid snow me white as my base/main color then painted my rosary on with black on black. I used Sinful colors polishes this entire look. The brush I used came in a set I bought from Michael's. I love this simple yet interesting look. My rosary was cool but I was off and didn't eyeball the space for my cross accurately, all my art is free-hand.