Thursday, May 23, 2013

EDC plans announced.... It's a GO

Wow I'm thrilled! I just announced my choice on attending EDC this year on the Book and so many awesome people showed love. I'm more at ease now knowing there are other light dance lovers. My costume preparations along with the other chicks will be revealed here soon. You will get the whole prepping till EDC for sure. Any questions just ask. Any pictures I post are not to show off it's an event we are prepping for and just showing you all the hard work that goes into a costume. Illamasqua is definitely a line I will be using in my make up looks.

EDC 2013

Have you heard about EDC?? It's the Electric Daisy Carnival!! Just music and awesomeness. My husband had been involved with anime conventions in Florida Anna yeah they have three day raves but seriously I love the huge "main stream" raves! The music, atmosphere, and good company I love it all, oh I also get to wear costumes (yes I ask one of those who wishes Halloween was often). This year EDC I'm going with fur! I will be sharing my progress on the building and assembling of my attire here. Your I kid but I wool be sharing my progress till EDC here for sure. Links of where I got what from where will be available, I have no secrets. I wish to build something from Toki Doki or the Unicorno series one day, but baby steps to awesome eh? :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Your momma's polish-remover-in-a-tub revamped!

You may have seen these jars of removers growing up and even hated them. Well I have now grown to love these! For personal use and convenience these tubs have become "life savers". I no longer have to mess with cotton balls or damage miscellaneous surfaces because of where I place my acetone drenched cotton balls. I got this remover tub from CVS for under $4. The inner is now filled with plastic/rubber for finger insertion instead of the sponge thingy like back in the 80s (when I first saw one). This does dry my hands/fingers but it gets the job done quick and easy. I change my polish daily so this really helps me out. I didn't see other selections on remover liquids (acetone free and so on) so I bought the 100% acetone one. It claims to remove glitter with ease....we shall see. I will be keeping this tub for a while (till it gets gross) you can dump out the old liquid and fill it with new remover. Which I will do! :) yay for more polish changes with ease!! This is especially good for swatching days.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nail art/looks contest!! The Great Gatsby Inspired.

All looks are welcomed (detailed portraits or colors and embellishments that reminds you of this story of love, betrayal, & jazz). This contest will be open to everyone with an address. Submit entries via my Facebook wall or @thewittynailist on Instagram, by doing so you are allowing me to post your entry on Facebook (2 looks Max per person) publicly for likes. Most likes will go into a final voting round (a handful of make up/Nail lovers I know & trust) will help me choose winners. **Now minor details: pic of one hand holding a "tag" or card saying "thegreatgatsbycontest" with your look.

Submissions will be accepted May 2-May 19! Likes/votes will be May 20-25. Prize(s) will be shipped May 31st.

All prizes were picked out and purchased by me out of my own pocket. This is suppose to be fun for everyone, pls no negative comments on any of the submissions.