Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gel Nails :)

So it's official I actual am a Nail Tech never in a million yrs would I have thought of opening a nail salon. Funny how life works, from nursing major to a salon owner.. hmph go figure :)

 Well today was chill at school. Mimi did her thing I did mine's then Ginna's vietchi mom got the instructor to show us Gel Nails, they are the hottest requests in most salons now :). I have Gorgeous Red on my nails right now I will post a pic shortly of them. It's neat the whole process and how it's not harsh to remove is a BONUS. I am soooo excited can't wait to hook people up with beautiful nail art :)!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello Kitty eye shadow singles

I went to Hot Topic to browse w/ my sister when I came upon a sales section in the back of the store. I can't resist sales...ask people they will confirm. So I circled this stand like a chicken hawk would a hen house (I suppose it looked that way) and after the 3rd lap I saw something pink & white w/ a shadow brush... being so nosy I moved all the Alice in Wonderland accessories out of the way and pulled out a pack of eyeshadow!! On a hanging packet was a shadow brush w/ 4 single eyeshadows everything I named had Hello Kitty's face on the items...cute even though I'm not a fan. I hesitated on purchasing it because of Hello Kitty but then I flipped the pack over and saw the red markings...(sales are the death of me).. original price was $14.99 the red slash thru then had $1.98 scrawled next to it...SOLD.
 2011-06-18 17.36.55.jpg 2011-06-18 17.38.32.jpg
 So I bought it and pondered for months (yes months) hmm how should I do this look...well today was my breaking point at 87 degrees out and babe gone to an Anime Convention I say "eh why not."! I always advise people if u don't have UDPP (primer) u need to get it!! After setting up my face and applying the primer I started with the purple, accented with the pink, created depth with the teal, and lined my eyes with the blue. This look is fun and easy hope you like it. I wanted to do a tutorial but the lighting has been so bad and I really want a new camera before I post any more videos but I will show u pics of the look :)
 2011-06-18 17.51.09.jpg 2011-06-18 18.22.18-1.jpg

Face rituals :)

I am so not a fan of skin during weather transitions. My skin gets so splotchy in between seasons it's gross. I'm naturally tan as is (thanks dad) so when summer comes I'm extra tan then fall veers around and my coloring.. "lightens" so it's splotchy from head to toe. Well after a while of going thru these weird skin changes in between seasons I was plotting, planning, and experimenting. Well after A LOT of research and several products later (3 yrs to be exact of trial & error) I have found my go to cure for uneven coloring issues. I found 1 line that I run to for exfoliating needs... St. Ives. I've seen this brand in our home for many years and always wondered why the adults in my life had this stuff around well well well I found out on my own!! When I was getting bad breakouts for a long period of time in my life my main focus was to get rid of the existing breakouts and preventing new ones. I did not worry about the scarring and dry skin that existed on my face...silly girl I know. Well after I got my breakouts under control (thanks Clean & Clear) I then realized "OMG" I look part leopard. Well I was in a panic looking for anything to use that was in the bathroom at home to help my face some what before I go out looking silly (after I was doing so for soooo LONG), well I found a tube of St. Ives medicated apricot scrub. I hesitated for a sec... then I wet my face and slathered some product on and started from my chin going upward in circular motions. After the 1st time I was hooked w/ the results!! My face was soooo smooth and instantly it took away a lot of dark spots I had on my face. Well w/ this new to me miracle product I "polished" my face at least 3x a week with this stuff and afterwards I would swipe on my Olay refreshing toner for all skin types. I only use the toner after I exfoliate because it helps control my T-zone which gets oily fast especially after exfoliating because my pores are opened and clean. After this birthday though I realized I need new face products for aging skin (I'm not old but hey we all age). Well I went on a mission to find a new product for my skin (good by mid-20s) at my local Walmart Super Center. After reading like 12 products from several brands (Olay, Ponds, Neutrogena, Loreal just to name a few) I chose a brand i left last on the shelf that I decided to read labels on... St. Ives :). I will post the pic after I advise why I chose this product. This is made from 100% natural extracts, non-comedogenic, has alpha hydroxy (prevents & reduce skin damage),no parabens & phthalates. The price tag is also impressive this tube of awesomeness is only $3.79 and you can always find it in Walmart, Walgreens, CVS or any grocery stores. After using my St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub for a few months now I can tell you I do feel a difference and now that I found this product IDK if I can give it up. Get it and try it for yourself, don't go spending money on facials and micro-derm peels and stuff till you've tried the products from your go to place. To me facials, micro-derm abr., and chemical peels are extreme measures to me that should be your last resort because to me they do more harm than on it if u don't believe me. Well enough rambling here is the pic :)
2011-06-19 00.21.40.jpg

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ramble rrwar ramble

So uploading my 2nd video to Youtube today.. :/ well we'll see how this goes. This weekend has been crazy..the weather spiking to low 90s high 80s does not help matters. My day job has drained my patience, I'm actually looking forward to my departure. Just so crazy how life gets I am nervous as hell but excited. Well we picked our shop's name :) it's pretty cool just hope people don't think we sell pizza lol. My sister isn't confident in herself and i wish I could change that. Even w/ schooling we have to have the confidence to succeed but we'll see :). I am hoping to start our training tomorrow but I am not sure. Sis's boss might be a bit peeved since we signed up for schooling out of no where. But opportunities come and go and we grasped this chance so we have to make adjustments as necessary I hope she understands. I'm ready for crazy techniques already. I can paint on designs like nothing and it's awesome. So ready for the real stuff building different forms and crazy stuff for clients.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

big moves...

So it's a go. Once we find licensing & a spot we'll be in business officially :). I'm excited cause me & middle sis like hanging it so having a business together will be awesome :) yay us. Woohoo dbl trouble coming to a neighborhood near u!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crafting jobs...

Yes, they do exist and I have taken up an offer. (sigh) It's an ok thing but man I wish they would give me stuff that works, if u want your products a certain way so should the equipment u give for me to do the job for you. I have gone to Big Lots to buy a green FINE point Sharpie because the one given to use with the job is DEAD x_x.... how IDK same thing I am wondering about. Then I was given two Identi_Pens for some more detailing and guess what? They worked for literally 2 seconds now both are x_x... I now have to run to the store to buy some to keep so when I have detailed pieces I am ready... ugh so aggravated.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Handbags I just adore!

  I love LOVE love this bag!   Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal line.. (sigh) <3
 Klaus I love his dry humor.

CVS Haul 6/1/11

So I've been watching DulceCandy87 for a while now on YOUTUBE. Well she has done so many CVS Hauls that have impressed me that I've been debating for a long while now if I should do one or not. Well after work on Weds 6/1/11 around 5pm I woke up after a nap jumped out of bed and made a Beauty Run. I got to CVS on 54th ave n, not near my home but it was the one I wanted to hit up. I walked in and didn't expect to see 75% stickers all over beauty stuff. Once I realized what the stickers meant (75% off items with the stickers on them) I quickly looked for a basket then said forget the basket I have two arms... 40 mins later I left with a Revlon Mineral Face powder, Revlon Fabulash mascara, Rimmel LashMAXXX mascara, two Rimmel Lasting Finish nail polishes, three Sally Hansen HD nail polishes, a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, and a Confetti Long Wear nail polish. I spent only a total of $20.71!! The face powder alone was suppose to be $13.99....(sigh) I can't resist a sale or coupons! My receipt says I saved $52.15, I don't know about anyone else but I have three handbags on my have to have list so that savings is going towards a bag on my list. I will post pics later of the items and my receipt but if you have a CVS nearby stop by and check it out from time to time the savings are crazy cool and plus I heard you can save your CVS bucks to buy GIFTCARDS that they sell there (Visa, Amex, ect.). Happy sales finding, good luck and don't be afraid to let me know of sales that you think are worth while! :)