Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sally Hansen Nailart Pen (blue)

A friend actually gave me this pen. Pros east to use, fun, and no mess. Cons pen dries out fast, pen may bleed, "paint" needs dry time, and smears if water gets on the art. I like the pens for small details but not for the price and cons. I say save your $$. They're ok not a great investment.

Essie & Orly = Love

Dark colors look so sophisticated, I love it. I have on Essie licorice then I added Orly Mermaid Tale on two fingers. Ahh my nails make me smile. Essie has the best black polishes formula out nails down! Smooth easy app and even coverage, two coats. Mermaid tale was surprisingly easy to apply, so much glitter in the bottle I was dreading chunks. It was not chunky and I have two coats on also. Dries even surfaced. No top coat!!

Seche Ultra-V

New product find! So Sally's has awesome sales and thank goodness I caught it. I got Seche Ultra-V and this little product claims it can dry layers of polish quickly and leaves a high gloss shine. Ahem.. Shellac what?! Lol I kid I kid, Shellac is still pretty awesome. Well if this product does as it claims I am clearing all pinellas county Sally's beauty supply store by tomorrow! I shall try it out tonight with a mani on myself.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Storing Polish...

Nearly every polish lover has a shelving unit to hold their polishes. Well I don't have the room right now and due to our move earlier this year a majority of my Nailart stuff are still in boxes. One day I would love to build a sturdy wooden display but for now I am storing my polishes in Sterile crates I buy from Walmart. Caught a sale today so I got hot pink and black crates for $0.75! Score!! I actually love storing my polishes this way, it's easier for me to transport my polishes and also I can keep track of my brands easier. I have a huge rubbermaid bin also for Nailart stuff but just took a pic of my newest crates I got today. I keep my crates in a cool temp room away from direct sunlight. None of my polishes have "turned" or gotten weird in any way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lipstick Nailart

Lippies... Who doesnt love to wear lipstick at least once in their life? Well I for one love lipsticks, the bright the better! One of my favorites is Revlon Matte lipstick in Strawberry Suede. I was inspired by my lippy loves so here is my first attempt of lipstick Nailart. (items used: Essie in licorice and olé caliente, wet n' wild coloricon white, Kiss Nailart paint in pink glitter, and lastly art deco black striper)

This was not hard to create and took me less than 5 mins. No top coat used.

Wet n' Wild- How I met your magenta

A magenta with gold shimmer throughout. Smooth formula, 2 coats is more than enough, it's fast dry like it claims. My one hand with two coats each finger took 4mins to dry entirely. I do not use base coats nor top coats for swatches.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Halloween look one.. Yes already

I love Halloween, the whole concept but my favorite parts are the decorations and costumes! I'm very much into the pop-characters of all kinds so here is a mani I did today just to get the "juices flowing". I also included a picture of all items and polishes I used for this look.

Create a Halloween nail art?...

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ulta- Concrete Evidence

Two coats no top coat :). Easy application, fast dry, very opaque color with excellent coverage. I like the wide cap on Ulta polishes, I have better hold-control of the brush.

Brush comparison

Painting nails can get messy. Some have a preference on brush size but I don't. True some cover more areas in a swipe or two compared to others but to me its the formula also. Here I have taken a picture of Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure thick brush, an Ulta Salon Formula brush, lastly is an Essie brush. I found that the Essie brush I have to swipe more to cover an entire nail but I don't hate it. Essie's formula is thin so second to third coats are always required for an even coverage. On the plus side each coat dries pretty fast.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

ELF Polish Fall 2012

By the time I located the display in Target most of the colors were taken. I saw many pretty colors there some nudes, taupes, reds, golds and lots of glitter mixes. I've never used ELF polish before so to be safe I bought four. There were no names for these awesome colors but I grabbed two for swatching and two exacts for possibly a giveaway. Well here are the two I bought. They came in 7ml bottles with a reptile print on the cap and it has a standard brush but cap stem is short. A dark green with very fine silver glitters is swatched and I also got a dark  purple with fine purple and blue glitters. Two coats is great coverage, this stuff dries fast hardly any wait time between coats. There is a peculiar odor but hey its's polish. For $2 a bottle I am loving these polishes. Also I think its purse friendly, small easy to travel with and stylish. I would definitely buy more colors.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A "mini" Giveaway!!

Swatched- Revlon Whimsical

Sheer but clever! This sheer polish reminds me of young romance. Light pink hex and round glitters, similar shaped light blue glitters and small round silver glitters floating in a sheer blue polish. It lives up to its name, whimsical. I love this polish I swatched two fingers. Had to do four coats. The brush is standard skinny, application was easy and smooth. The formula is not chunky. Each layer dried fast no bubbling. I love my bottle of whimsical!

How do you find the time?!

Okay, so I took a week off my office job to try to get things in order then I realized.... o m blob I haven't swatched even half of my polishes!! How do people swatch all their polishes when their stash is over 100+ bottles?! I did two swatches today and my fingers are dry. Also I feel guilty... I buy polishes because I love the color but I dont just swatch a whole hand for a post. Idk I am not a wasteful person and think I should wear the shade and show it off not just swipe it off after the pics are taken :(. I am posting pics of my "stash" and newbies. I am feeling so much pressure from looking/reading through some other blogs and seeing their swatch lists (some are so lengthy). I understand everyone likes to see and know about the polish well I want to see is it ok if I swatch a SINGLE nail? And describe in detail how I felt about the application? I will post more pics of my manis and steps as I go but the whole swatch and remove for pics really makes me frown to waste polish. Open to opinions pls let me know what you think.

Swatched- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty. My favorite yellow! I love the fat brush, goes on smooth, driea fast. The soft yellow needed three coats. I got this bottle on sale from CVS for under $3!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Zoya package!!

Ahhh!! It finally got here! I'm so excited about this set. Zang Toi ia fabulous. Each color is gorgeous in their bottles and Trixie was a freebie!! I will swatche these another day I'm working in a mani and pedi now before I opened the package so booo but dang it. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Mani

Ulta Maine Attraction two coats easy app, fast dry, good cream coverage.

Might sponge on glitter on an accent nail of my choosing :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unrelated post (lol)

I'm not fashion savvy but my ootd seems cool. Tribal bird top that I scored for $3, emerald skirt I caught at a sale under $10 & the flats were a gift.
Weekend work days I try to dress a tee up for work :p it's how I roll.

*excuse the dirty mirror at the job pic

Friday, September 14, 2012

Swatches- Ulta

Diva is a very sheer pink with round fine holo glitters. Piñata-yada-yada is a clear base with hex and round shiny glitters (yellow, silver, blue, red, fuschia, and green). Lav-ish is a lavender like purple with a gold shimmer. Each finger was two coats except Diva (took 4 coats).