About me

Hi! (waves) So the Witty Nailist, yes I really live up to this name. I am just a fast tongued chick who is obsessed and a bit of a hoarder of polishes, eyeshadow, and shoes. My main focus is on nails though. There's a full-time day job that keeps me hostage most days, I translate documents weekly to help people out and also make some polish cash, and lastly I provide a mobile nailing service for some locals in Florida. I am licensed to do nails I have been for a year now. Drawing people in cartoons have always been my things, Memes were birthed way before people realized it. My friends claim I was missing a "filter" since birth, I am a mother I try to not be such a sailor-mouth in front of him but sometimes I slip up. Face pics, let me tell you now, will not happen. This is a NAILS and Polish related blog plus I sort of have mini anxiety attacks when I have to take pics of me. I love all types of polish from Zoya, Opi, CND, Essie to LA Colors, Sinful colors, and more. Trying out new stuff has become an adventure. On these adventures to find new polish I drag my friend Dawn with me. LOL, she is so awesome we find such good deals together. Right now I want to add on to my collection but after moving space is very limited on storing my beautiful bottles of joy. I hope to get better at blogging so I can help people really get their money's worth and find new nail art inspirations.

The birth of the hunger within started when my mother, an Estee Lauder loyal client, came home with many freebies during a sample sale frenzy from our local "BURDINES" now known as MACY'S. My mother has been wearing Beautiful since the day I remember taking my first breath. She stocked up on her make up needs and perfume and she received 4-6 bags of freebies with purchase I can't remember it's been a LONG time. Well in the Freebies bag were shadows, eye creams, lippies, sample sleeves, and always a tiny bottle of nail polish. What caught my eye was the polish, it was small glass square shaped bottle with gold lettering and brush handle was gold also. This bottle of bright red was just so fascinating to me. I HAD to have it, I begged my mom for it she insisted no that I was too young to wear that color and plus dad does not allow the kids to wear make up or nail polish. Well being me I swiped that bottle of bright red lacquer and hid it for years!! I still have this bottle in a box somewhere the polish it self does not look so great but I've never had the guts to open it because of my parents being so against me having that bottle.

 Fun Facts: -I don't own any INDIES, yet.
 -I love to do giveaways (it's a way for me to share some awesome stuff w/ people)
 -I am a newb at blogging (had this account for 2 yrs and this is the most action it's had!)
 -I am ridiculous... I laugh a lot, joke just as much, and sometimes I'm inappropriate but trust me I know.
 -I am random (POINTBLANK) -Crafting pinatas is a hobby and it brings me lots of joy.
 -Mother of one -Married to a cosplayer (I love to help him make props or finish details on his costumes)
 -I hope to try to be an extreme couponer one day.
 -Nail art is something I am trying to master.
 Want to know anything else? Just ask because this rant is getting so long! :)