Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dip-dye or look like you Dip-dyed ;)

I recently decided to go to a blonde/brownish color with teal & purple tips. Scored some Ion ready to apply color dyes for $3 a tube!! Since my hair was already lightened from the coloring I did before, bleaching was not required woohoo. These colors are ready to apply so easy straight from the tube. You leave it in for 20-30mins rinse the dye out and ta-da instant fun color! It lasts only 3 Weeks with normal washing and the color does not run in the rain to stain clothes like Manic Panic does, still love Manic P though. Well here is what I used and my results. Just another fun way to express yourself and not feeling guilty/regret cause its not costly or permanent. Would def try more colors again!

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