Friday, October 26, 2012

Favoring a brand? Tried CND yet?!

Never caught myself "favoring" a brand but apparently I do. Today I went to my local supplier to browse with my sister before she had to work... man oh man this was a trap! We were checking out OPI & Essie's new colors out and oldies we wanted. Whatevs right? Yeah all was well till we found the mark down stickers! I was reading the OPI bottles names, they are genius, when "Mim" says "Mel I found your fav brand!!". Of  course I sprint over to the next aisle. Ahhh CND products I was lusting for!! Last year CND came out with a 2011 fall/winter set but the 3PC set was tough to swallow at the time so I never got it. It went on sale earlier this year but I was still "eh no I can buy so many items for that amount.", again I passed up on it. Now I am thrilled I stood my ground I now own The Look set by CND and it cost me a whole $7.25! Ahh you can't say that was not a steal. I never thought I'd own this awesome set....ever. This set comes with Sheer 24K Sparkle Effect, Midnight Sapphire, and Dark Amethyst! Just beautiful. I also snagged Pink Wishes by CND it came with Pink Wishes polish and Pink Wishes Pearl Effect. I'm nearly out of nude colors so I grabbed CND's Buff and Cheeky! Lastly I got me a big bottle of CHI Australian Oil, I have puffy coarse hair and oils help tame it. I'm ridiculously excited over this mini haul as you can tell :) eek onwards to some designs soon but here are some pics of my lovely buy for now.

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