Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zoya Dreambox... Are you excited?

Okay my opinion is "heck yeah!". I was sort of bummed when I got my first Myglam/Ipsy bag because it didn't have polish. My second bag though came with a Nailtini (Millionaire) & I was ecstatic. No guarantees that future bags will have polish so I've been looking for a monthly polish club... none! And these make up clubs send me stuff I wouldn't pick on my own for the most part. So I am canceling my memberships as of this week. Zoya you have my business monthly now till you do away with your Dreambox deals. I love getting new polishes more than other products. Tomorrow will be my first order placement for my first Dreambox. I've shared the news to a few close to me and via Facebook so many are interested so gifting and giveaways will happen in the near future. Thank you Zoya for hearing my prayers to the polish gods.

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