Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zoya buy 2get2 flash sale purchase..

Overly excited over my purchase!! Zoya has been having flash sales daily recently I've been fortunate to catch two. This is my first flash sale purchase and omblob I am so happy I bought these. Daul is a purple with gold metallic very fine glitter but needs four coats to not look so sheer. Evvie is a creme near camouflage like green oh its pretty. Natty is a creme dark near navy but not quite blue I'm in love! Rehka is a creme dark red (perfect for fall/winter) forget other reds this one is almost goth-like (I love) its pure sophistication. As you can tell I am very happy with my purchase I will be buying up dream boxes as gifts too!! Btw all other colors besides Daul covered well in two coats.

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