Thursday, May 23, 2013

EDC 2013

Have you heard about EDC?? It's the Electric Daisy Carnival!! Just music and awesomeness. My husband had been involved with anime conventions in Florida Anna yeah they have three day raves but seriously I love the huge "main stream" raves! The music, atmosphere, and good company I love it all, oh I also get to wear costumes (yes I ask one of those who wishes Halloween was often). This year EDC I'm going with fur! I will be sharing my progress on the building and assembling of my attire here. Your I kid but I wool be sharing my progress till EDC here for sure. Links of where I got what from where will be available, I have no secrets. I wish to build something from Toki Doki or the Unicorno series one day, but baby steps to awesome eh? :)

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