Thursday, April 12, 2012

Suave dry shampoo

Suave came out with several dry shampoos  I've tried two so far. The first one I tried was the Suave Pro Keratin Infusion dry shampoo. To me it did what a dry shampoo is suppose to refresh my hair, take away the oily feel, great volume, clean scalp feel. Keratin infused one has a aerosol like smell (expected) but yet tropical. The Suave Pro dry shampoo (green cap no other specifics) to me does not give me as much volume as I want (no not like Snooki). It does remove the oily feel but thats it. Also the smell reminds me of an artificial green apple smell. I got the Keratin infused one at Walmart for $3.47, regular one was from Target for $2.47. I would buy the Keratin infused one again. I will keep trying more dry shampoos and let u know my honest opinion. Dyed redheads use dry shampoo quite a few times a week. Down fall is I feel like I only got 4 uses out of the first canister so we'll see cause im making note on the 2nd canister on how many uses I will get.

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