Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hello Kitty eye shadow singles

I went to Hot Topic to browse w/ my sister when I came upon a sales section in the back of the store. I can't resist sales...ask people they will confirm. So I circled this stand like a chicken hawk would a hen house (I suppose it looked that way) and after the 3rd lap I saw something pink & white w/ a shadow brush... being so nosy I moved all the Alice in Wonderland accessories out of the way and pulled out a pack of eyeshadow!! On a hanging packet was a shadow brush w/ 4 single eyeshadows everything I named had Hello Kitty's face on the items...cute even though I'm not a fan. I hesitated on purchasing it because of Hello Kitty but then I flipped the pack over and saw the red markings...(sales are the death of me).. original price was $14.99 the red slash thru then had $1.98 scrawled next to it...SOLD.
 2011-06-18 17.36.55.jpg 2011-06-18 17.38.32.jpg
 So I bought it and pondered for months (yes months) hmm how should I do this look...well today was my breaking point at 87 degrees out and babe gone to an Anime Convention I say "eh why not."! I always advise people if u don't have UDPP (primer) u need to get it!! After setting up my face and applying the primer I started with the purple, accented with the pink, created depth with the teal, and lined my eyes with the blue. This look is fun and easy hope you like it. I wanted to do a tutorial but the lighting has been so bad and I really want a new camera before I post any more videos but I will show u pics of the look :)
 2011-06-18 17.51.09.jpg 2011-06-18 18.22.18-1.jpg

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