Saturday, June 18, 2011

Face rituals :)

I am so not a fan of skin during weather transitions. My skin gets so splotchy in between seasons it's gross. I'm naturally tan as is (thanks dad) so when summer comes I'm extra tan then fall veers around and my coloring.. "lightens" so it's splotchy from head to toe. Well after a while of going thru these weird skin changes in between seasons I was plotting, planning, and experimenting. Well after A LOT of research and several products later (3 yrs to be exact of trial & error) I have found my go to cure for uneven coloring issues. I found 1 line that I run to for exfoliating needs... St. Ives. I've seen this brand in our home for many years and always wondered why the adults in my life had this stuff around well well well I found out on my own!! When I was getting bad breakouts for a long period of time in my life my main focus was to get rid of the existing breakouts and preventing new ones. I did not worry about the scarring and dry skin that existed on my face...silly girl I know. Well after I got my breakouts under control (thanks Clean & Clear) I then realized "OMG" I look part leopard. Well I was in a panic looking for anything to use that was in the bathroom at home to help my face some what before I go out looking silly (after I was doing so for soooo LONG), well I found a tube of St. Ives medicated apricot scrub. I hesitated for a sec... then I wet my face and slathered some product on and started from my chin going upward in circular motions. After the 1st time I was hooked w/ the results!! My face was soooo smooth and instantly it took away a lot of dark spots I had on my face. Well w/ this new to me miracle product I "polished" my face at least 3x a week with this stuff and afterwards I would swipe on my Olay refreshing toner for all skin types. I only use the toner after I exfoliate because it helps control my T-zone which gets oily fast especially after exfoliating because my pores are opened and clean. After this birthday though I realized I need new face products for aging skin (I'm not old but hey we all age). Well I went on a mission to find a new product for my skin (good by mid-20s) at my local Walmart Super Center. After reading like 12 products from several brands (Olay, Ponds, Neutrogena, Loreal just to name a few) I chose a brand i left last on the shelf that I decided to read labels on... St. Ives :). I will post the pic after I advise why I chose this product. This is made from 100% natural extracts, non-comedogenic, has alpha hydroxy (prevents & reduce skin damage),no parabens & phthalates. The price tag is also impressive this tube of awesomeness is only $3.79 and you can always find it in Walmart, Walgreens, CVS or any grocery stores. After using my St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub for a few months now I can tell you I do feel a difference and now that I found this product IDK if I can give it up. Get it and try it for yourself, don't go spending money on facials and micro-derm peels and stuff till you've tried the products from your go to place. To me facials, micro-derm abr., and chemical peels are extreme measures to me that should be your last resort because to me they do more harm than on it if u don't believe me. Well enough rambling here is the pic :)
2011-06-19 00.21.40.jpg

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