Sunday, June 12, 2011

ramble rrwar ramble

So uploading my 2nd video to Youtube today.. :/ well we'll see how this goes. This weekend has been crazy..the weather spiking to low 90s high 80s does not help matters. My day job has drained my patience, I'm actually looking forward to my departure. Just so crazy how life gets I am nervous as hell but excited. Well we picked our shop's name :) it's pretty cool just hope people don't think we sell pizza lol. My sister isn't confident in herself and i wish I could change that. Even w/ schooling we have to have the confidence to succeed but we'll see :). I am hoping to start our training tomorrow but I am not sure. Sis's boss might be a bit peeved since we signed up for schooling out of no where. But opportunities come and go and we grasped this chance so we have to make adjustments as necessary I hope she understands. I'm ready for crazy techniques already. I can paint on designs like nothing and it's awesome. So ready for the real stuff building different forms and crazy stuff for clients.

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