Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Storing Polish...

Nearly every polish lover has a shelving unit to hold their polishes. Well I don't have the room right now and due to our move earlier this year a majority of my Nailart stuff are still in boxes. One day I would love to build a sturdy wooden display but for now I am storing my polishes in Sterile crates I buy from Walmart. Caught a sale today so I got hot pink and black crates for $0.75! Score!! I actually love storing my polishes this way, it's easier for me to transport my polishes and also I can keep track of my brands easier. I have a huge rubbermaid bin also for Nailart stuff but just took a pic of my newest crates I got today. I keep my crates in a cool temp room away from direct sunlight. None of my polishes have "turned" or gotten weird in any way.

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