Monday, January 14, 2013

Face wash woes

As we age we become our worst critics. I'm very hard on myself about my skin. From puberty to my late 20s I've always used Clean and Clear products. Well ol' faithful is not working like before. My husband had gotten tired of my whining so he said "invest in good face stuff...come on.", and he paid for it so I was like hey win win!! Macy's had an awesome sale so I got myself Clarins awesome deal. In a netted baggy there are two products, Gentle Foaming Cleanser w/ cottonseed and Toning Lotion alcohol free w/ Iris. These products are for normal or combination skin and made in France. For the two products it came to $21. Before we left I had to make a Sephora stop, thank goodness I did, got a facial brush to use with cleansers to exfoliate for $1!! So for $22 I'm off too a smoother & healthier  looking face? Total deal, I mean for the drugstore products I'm already spending $12-18 so for a few bucks more why not? I feel so grown, lol. Today is day one of use so by the weekend I will give you an update. But before you assume department store products are pricey, seriously, check it out and you may surprise yourself.

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