Monday, January 21, 2013

Glitter with no base... Oww I'm daring.

Hey y'all! Well today was sort of a lack-of-luster kind of day so I wanted a glitter mani in hopes of a pick-me-up. Here I used no base (crunch on time) I laid my Sation in For Better or Never. This color is a watermelon pink sheer color with holo and blue octagon shaped glitters with small holo round glitters. Application was easy not clumpy at all. I've been fortunate to keep landing fast drying glitter polishes. I did an accent nail on my index finger, I used Sinful colors in Nail Junkie. This color is a teal jelly base with iridescent small round glitters and various shades of teal plays off the small and round holos in there too. I finished off with OPI Top Coat, love it. When I type I smile so mission accomplish!

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