Friday, June 7, 2013

Katie Cazorla Color Flash System

This was an easy decision to buy! I met the gorgeous Katie of The Painted Nail on Sunday at Premiere Orlando 2013. She was so sweet and adorable. Katie actually was working the booth along with three others but Katie was definitely hands on and down to earth. I was bad I didn't have the guts to ask for a picture with her. Well while visiting her booth I watched two demos at once. One was nail graphfix over the color flash set and also the quick color flash system. I wanted the pod but instead bought the bigger system and no regrets. All you do is clean prep (dry mani), pick a color apply, cure one coat under the cute light, once the light goes off, it is set/dry. Either its opaque enough if not apply another coat and cure then they are done for sure. No primer no top it's so simple! After purchasing the system I tried our at my hotel husband was shock at how fast my manicure was and he loves that there is no strong smell like regular polish. I won't lie the removing sucks. You buff the shine off apply the remove cream from the tube give it two mins don't let it dry then push it off with the cuticle pusher. It sounds simple yes but I actually had trouble and hate the remover cream but I think I'm still a noob so let's see if we find other
ways to remove. I'm showing pics of the product that I purchased and pedicure that just happened.

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